2019 pep talk

In the New Year, maybe you need to give yourself permission to... 

Hope Arising

This is the last prophecy in the Old Testament regarding the Messiah. Also the last prophetic book prior to his first Advent. After Malachi finished his ministry to captive Israel, God was silent for roughly 400 years. The chosen nation, being passed around from conquering empire to the next. Paganism slowly permeating its fragile tent. There was no rest, no peace, no freedom, no comforting words from God, not even a rebuke. And no hope. 


December is here, the official countdown to Advent has begun. And what a beautiful season it is, full of goodwill and hope. Some things to kick this off...

2018 Reflections

The holidays are upon us to usher us towards the finish line. Many of us may be planning events, social and/or family gatherings, shopping for gifts and eating lots of good food, but have you taken the time to reflect on these last 11 months? What about the next 12 after December comes to a close? So. I came up with 10 thoughtful questions to ask yourself and reflect on as we approach the end of yet another successful year.


I am not my feelings. This is something I've come to realize recently. I've been controlled by them for far too long. It's time to give grace, be kind, but more importantly, to face them head-on, to question. To be vulnerable, for starters.

35 Lessons

At 35 years of age, one might think life is still blossoming and one has so much to learn, still. Yes, I agree. I’m a learner of life and can’t wait to keep on collecting lessons under my belt. But here are 35 things I’ve learned along the way that have shaped me and continue to do so.

Glowing Screens

Slow living takes guts. One day, Thoreau decided that by going into the woods he’d live more deliberately, and therefore lived a very different lifestyle than his contemporaries, surely with more meaning.