35 Lessons

At 35 years of age, one might think life is still blossoming and one has so much to learn, still. Yes, I agree. I’m a learner of life and can’t wait to keep on collecting lessons under my belt. But here are 35 things I’ve learned along the way that have shaped me and continue to do so.

Glowing Screens

Slow living takes guts. One day, Thoreau decided that by going into the woods he’d live more deliberately, and therefore lived a very different lifestyle than his contemporaries, surely with more meaning.


A common thing I hear whenever I tell someone I'm on a diet is, you're skinny already, why do you want to lose weight?! Well. I've always wanted to be the skinniest person alive and perhaps break a Guinness record. Not really. I do want to say that sometimes, though.


This year, my kitchen has gone from being an avoided acquaintance to therapist and valued friend. It hasn't always been this way, though. I would tell people I only cooked the basics, because honestly, ain't nobody got the time to cook. You'd barely see me messing in it.


Freedom's implication is that it must come at a price. And the result should be, well, freedom, right?


As I sit in this coffee shop, I'm making an effort to pull up the memory archives and look at everything that I've gone through these past 6 months. Half a year. What have I learned? What do I wish had been different? Was I fearful? Was I judgmental? How has the journey been so far?

Step Outside

Maybe it was watching the news too much. Maybe it was my worrier nature, or the high crime rate in this city, or maybe it was my husband's cautious words that flooded my psyche and drowned me in a sea of fearfulness and anxiousness.