Navigating through Another Wonderland.

Since this is my first ever blog post, I feel the need to explain why ” Another Wonderland”? You might actually have an idea of where I’m going with this, don’t you?

You see, I’m a fan of Alice and all the adventures she experienced in this out-of-this-world place called Wonderland. Not only that, I feel like some or many of us may identify with her curiosity, struggles, questions and frustrations as she finds herself in this magical place. I totally do!

To be honest, I just turned 33 at the end of August and have been experiencing a range of feelings from confusion, doubt, fear, and lack of direction and purpose, almost like a lostness or an early mid-life crisis. I really thought I’d be doing something meaningful with my life right around this time. Instead, I have several things I’d love to do, but everything happens so fast! Childhood was so simple, I catch myself reminiscing about it periodically.



In my head, I dream of accomplishing all my goals and making a difference in this world somehow. I guess you can relate, too?

Then shortly after my birthday, my husband and I moved into a 557 sq. ft. studio for 13 1/2 months. So I have decided to roll back the sleeves and do some work by documenting this period of our lives among other things I’m interested in; I’m considering it our greatest adventure to date as we journey deeper into living a life with less.

This blog will record lessons learned and lessons in progress as I navigate, not Alice’s, but another wonderland called life. I might find out one or more of you just happen to be going through the same thing as I am, or you share similar values and interests as this gal. So I’m super excited to start sharing! I’ve always loved to write, so this will not only be a good outlet, but a place of learning.

So sit back, grab a cup of tea or whatever you like to sip on, and feel free to jump in on the conversation! Hearing from you will be awesome! 



14 thoughts on “Navigating through Another Wonderland.

  1. 1) Happy Birthday! 2) Welcome to the blogging world- I started back in July and have been blogging like crazy! Can’t wait to see all you have to share.


    1. That’s awesome! Well, my husband and I don’t have cable lol so I don’t get to see it as much, but I’ve watched a few episodes of the tiny house shows on HGTV at my relative’s or while on the treadmill and one day I’ll have one! I just need to figure out where to put it, ha! I’ll give y’all a studio tour once we’re settled and stuff is in place 🙂


    1. It’s definitely been an adjustment, especially when you share your living quarters with someone else, lol, I’m sure it’s a different situation for single people. I’m totally enjoying it so far though! 🙂


  2. I’m so excited to get coffee with you next week and chat! My husband and I are really intrigued with the minimalist lifestyle. We are going to watch the Minimalism documentary tonight. I have had a massive desire to purge and live with less recently, so I’m eager to learn more and follow your blog! 🙂

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