Why I purged

I won’t blame you if you decide to run towards your closet after you read this post. In fact, I think you’ll feel much better if you do. You see, minimalism is taking over, it’s here to stay. There’s a reason for this. I took that less-traveled road and don’t want to look back.

The idea of living a life with less always fascinated me, but it didn’t cross my mind that I could live it until I came across the idea of capsule wardrobes on Instagram. Being a Christ-follower, I always knew that Jesus led a simple life, but it just didn’t hit me all these years; I thought it wasn’t attainable unless you were a monk or something. I know, how ridiculous of me! Thank God for baby steps though, otherwise it’s overwhelming!

I immediately realized that even though I had pieces of clothing that fit different styles (camo, Japanese, boho, classic, corporate), I kept gravitating to a pair of jeans and a black or white t-shirt and flats again and again (my work clothes don’t count; I can only wear that type of outfit on Fridays and that post tax-season; yup, I’m a bookkeeper full-time).

That, my friends, was my light bulb moment.

So, naturally, the first thing I did was research this capsule wardrobe thing. Could I live with a limited amount of items in my closet for each season of the year? Honestly, I could care less. I went inside my closet and started asking the question “would I buy this item right now if I was at a retail store?” If the answer was no, then out it went inside a trash bag to be taken to the nearest Goodwill store.

Side note: my husband has always been smart with money-related decisions and I had never stepped feet into a thrift store until I got married (I think I have a list of things that I have never done until I tied the knot, like budgeting or going to a gym). That being said, the majority of my clothes were gifts, hand-me-downs, or second-hand items. And I never shopped in expensive stores, I always wanted a good bang for my buck, so you could say it was a bit easy for me to do this.

Man, did I like to purge a ton of stuff I wasn’t even excited about that day! At 31 years of age, I could say I was finally on the way to discovering my personal style, which was all over the place before stumbling upon this topic on the Web.

How liberating, y’all!

So around Spring of last year, I was ready to call myself a minimalist. I was taking baby steps to de-clutter my closet situation, and believe me, my closet did not have as much stuff as some people I know (it would not be cool to cite names, but I’m sure you also know at least one person who uses more than one closet in their living quarters)!

Fast forward to today.

I had a capsule wardrobe for a full year before I figured that I could minimize even more based on what I had worn or not in that year of experimenting. Today, my closet is still not where I’d like it to be. I have blacks, whites, grays, blues and just a couple of bright pieces, but it’s still compartmentalized between office wear, gym wear and weekend wear, which is what I want to wear the whole freakin’ day! At least now I only have two seasons: hot and cold. Besides, Florida doesn’t have a full blown Winter, so I’ve been learning to make more use of layers (the struggle is real on that one, I’ll tell ya).

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But let’s flip the conversation a bit. I’m curious about you. Are you content with your closet right now? Do you usually have pieces that you absolutely love and others you don’t care about? Have you experimented with capsule wardrobes before? And, what’s your favorite color? Mine is black for now, unless someone discovers something darker. 😉







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  1. I simply close the door on my closet and hope the clothes don’t escape during the night. I have the WORST closet and I really need to a)find my style b)get in and PURGE! Thank you for the motivation!

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    1. I found it with the blog Un-Fancy. com. I’ll definitely touch more on that soon! It’s a great feeling and brought me so much confidence! Check her blog out if you have a chance! 💛👍

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    1. I’m curious, what do you collect? I used to collect watches and sunglasses and rings until kids broke into our house and took my valuables…. I guess I just don’t want to get too attached to my stuff you know…. 😉


    1. Sarah, before it didn’t intersect. I had my casual clothes (which is my style, I’m a denim and white t-shirt kinda gal), and I had my work clothes. For the past 3-4 months though, I’ve gotten rid of a lot of work clothes and am beginning to adopt the idea of an uniform. I love black when I dress up, so I’m slowly acquiring dark or black pieces, either it be one black pencil skirt and a few variations of black dresses with some minor accent color to it until all my work clothes will be dark and even though I could wear them during the weekend, it would just feel too office-y to me if that makes any sense…. Do you intersect yours? 🙂


  2. I just went through a purge about 6 months ago and it feels amazing but I haven’t had a good strategu to keep up (2 kids, two jobs, 2 dogs, thankfully only 1 husband). I need to get back into it. I love the idea of capsule wardrobe but need to spend more time planning my outfits to go together. I’m a little more simple than that.

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    1. From the beginning, I’ve started using the app My Dressing App (Stylebook for Apple users) and since I don’t have a lot of clothes, it forces me to be creative, so that’s very motivating to me. I would take pictures of all my pieces (including accessories) and started creating outfits, almost like Polyvore. It’s helped me find combinations I never thought of before and it makes me look at my clothes in a whole different way. You should try it and let me know how it goes! You could do a little bit at a time while the kids sleep 😉


  3. I am not content with my closet at ALL! It’s totally messy, filled with outdated clothes or things that don’t fit/I won’t wear. I need to just throw it all away!


    1. I had no style whatsoever, but since I’ve discovered what I’m comfortable with and like, I also feel like I need to throw it all away and start over, however, I’m taking baby steps toward my closet makeover goals lol So I purged what I didn’t like at all at first. It gets a bit tougher as you get deeper into it, but it can be done! You can even try taking everything out of the closet (in portions) and spreading it on the bed and holding it and asking yourself “do I like this” or “am I joyful in this piece”? and that could be the start of your closet revolution! 🙂


    1. For sure! If we try to take it on all at once it might get overwhelming and we might give up lol Keep up the good work, even your house will feel lighter! 🙂


  4. Great read! I’m a pretty organized person. My wardrobe is always something that I feel like I have too much and not enough at the same time. I live in a climate that has four seasons, and I need clothing that can last all year round- but some styles are just better for one season. I’m still getting on top of my work wardrobe after switching form a uniform to business casual two years ago. The struggle is real- but this was great to read! Thank you!

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    1. I don’t know what that’s like, but I usually overlap some pieces that can be used year-round; but yes, the struggle is real! Mine would be the weather, though haha I’m from the tropics! 😉


  5. I LOVE dressing like a minimalist. Clothes just aren’t that important to me. I wear pretty much the same thing every week and I’m ok with it. I know some people think it is weird, but I’m ok with it. There is much life to live and I don’t want waste it on worrying about clothes.

    So glad you are embracing this! Thanks for sharing!

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