Three healthy habits to “fall” into

As a new season begins (Fall is my favorite!), the tendency might be to be lured away by pumpkin everything and all the yummy dishes that accompany this wonderful and romantic time of the year. I’ve been wanting to try a Pumpkin Spice Latte myself! And if you’re wondering if I’ve ever had one, then I’ll have to disappoint you (insert sad face here).

But while all this eating, drinking and being merry is going on, we might see a familiar scenario take place: we fall out of dieting now that we’ll all be covered up for Fall/Winter, which means no more beach or pool, then we also gain a few pounds because of the holidays, we create New Year’s resolutions to shed some of that weight and finally, we quit going to the gym or working out and feel a sense of guilt afterwards; and so we eat some more and feel guilty. Repeat.

You know, life can be very miserable if we have a mindset of what we must do, not what we’d like to do.

If you’re into eating, good, so am I. I eat a lot, actually. However, my husband and I have been making some changes to our nutrition. You see, he comes from a background of eating a lot of junk food, although he I come from a background where my mom cooked all our meals. Just so you can have an idea, I hadn’t been to a Wendy’s until after high school, and I eat there often for lunch (I like their Apple Pecan Chicken Salad)!

Minimalism has really helped us shape some of our choices. Sometimes we might think it refers to the idea of getting rid of stuff and depriving ourselves, but it’s not like that at all. It’s definitely going to be different for every person, but I believe it’s making time and space for what matters and letting go of non-essentials.

Because of that, we’ve been trying to focus our time and resources in leading a healthy lifestyle: we lift weights throughout the week, we try to stay away from processed foods (the struggle is real sometimes!), and we buy organic whenever possible. We’re not 100% there, we believe there needs to be a balance, but if our bodies don’t feel excited after we eat something, we tend to minimize it and go for something different.

It’s all about choices and being informed. My husband is on YouTube a lot and he learns all kinds of things from experts so our health area can be improved upon. And it’s great, we do feel the difference. So for this new season, I’d like to challenge all of us to “fall” into 3 little habits that can bring benefits in the long run, not just during the Fall and Winter months:

  1. Add veggies to your meals. Vegetables tend to make you feel fuller so you might actually end up going for a tall latte instead of a venti.
  2. Keep moving. I know sometimes all we want is to sit on the couch on our pj’s and sip on hot chocolate over an action-packed movie, or give the excuse that it’s cold outside, but that’s no excuse at all because I’ve done high intensity exercises in my living room for 15 minutes, so it’s possible. Either walking the dog or walking on the treadmill will make a big difference. If you’d like to be challenged, try doing jumping jacks for 15 minutes in your living room, taking a 30-second break every 50 jumps or so. 😉
  3. Be mindful of portions. My husband always tells me, “it’s not just what you eat, it’s how much you eat”. I know we’re all going to do what we’re going to do sometimes, which is fine since we all usually crave something, but whenever a tasty cake is put on the table (my craving of choice), I recommend taking a sliver instead of a brick-sized portion. Yes, do eat some cake, but be mindful of how much.

That’s all I have for today! Do you have any habits for this Fall season that you currently do or plan to? Please share!


Happy Fall y’all!






2 thoughts on “Three healthy habits to “fall” into

  1. This is a wonderful reminder! I really enjoyed browsing through your blog – the concept of minimalism is so popular these days. Although I’ve been on my way to create my own capsule wardrobe (not exactly there yet!), I think it’s amazing how little we actually need vs we think we need!



    1. That’s great Lena!! I started with capsules too and I’ve come to the point where I want to see a smaller amount for the whole year! You definitely get creative once your resources shrink though! Its all about curating your closet to something you love! Would love to see what you come up with!! 🙂


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