There’s an app for this, too.

Have you ever wondered if there’s an app for some type of system of planning or organization that would make life 20% easier, or simpler? Well, I bet there’s an app for that. I’m rarely surprised in this new world of technological advances that seem to take place faster than a toddler’s metabolism.

Well, as I’ve mentioned before, my journey into minimalism started with capsule wardrobe projects (click here to read a bit more about that). I did that for 4 seasons (2 in sunny Florida…) and I had a blast, to be honest. The scarcity in my closet constrained me to think more, to be a better manager of my resources, to even get creative with the way I picked out my outfits.

Honestly, this would not really have been possible had I not cataloged the majority of my clothes into this wonderful app for Android called My Dressing. I’ve used it since the beginning of my journey over a year and a half ago and it’s been such a great companion. Here are 5 things I’ve been able to do with it:

2016-09-28 10.45.32 1.jpg

  1. Index the majority of my clothing items by category. I’ve classified my closet into groups like shoes, short sleeve tops, long sleeve tops, outerwear, and so forth. That allows me to see whether I have too little or too much of a category; it also allows me to determine my needs and what has not been used so I can find it a better home at the neighborhood thrift shop.
  2. Create outfits using individual items. Since I can take pictures of each item and place them in separate groups, I can create an outfit from scratch by selecting the items from desired category and I can adjust size of picture so I can fit accessories and shoes into the outfit picture. I can give the outfit a name or a number.
  3. Create a lookbook. After creating multiple outfits, I usually create a lookbook to put these outfits into. Personally, I do one for the office and for cold and hot weather. But you can create whatever you like, really. It’s like putting together your own fashion show.
  4. Create favorites. The items that I use again and again I can turn into a favorite or I “heart” them once I’ve used them, if I’m on a rotation of outfits, like my office-wear.
  5. Back up everything you just created. This app has evolved to the point of letting me back up my entries and that’s just the cherry on top for a world in the cloud, isn’t it?


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I don’t include items for working out or lounging around the house…

My Dressing app has been very helpful, especially as I’m trying to have a more simplified, curated wardrobe. I’ll be posting my #unfancyremix challenge from Instagram next week; it was fun to be a part of it and My Dressing app was there to get me through the 10-day challenge (you can read about the challenge here and you can check out the outfits I created for it here)!

I’m curious: Have you ever tried using an outfit/lookbook planning app? What did you think of it? It’ll be interesting to get some feedback if you’re currently using one for Android or Apple.





14 thoughts on “There’s an app for this, too.

  1. There is an app for everything these days! I’m old enough to not be sure how I feel about that, but I can see how this one could be useful! Wonder if it could be useful to photographers helping advise people what to wear for their shoots.

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    1. Thats a good idea! I know photographers have used Pinterest and created boards for outfit consultations before a shoot. I like this app since im very visual with this stuff… otherwise ill say i have nothing to wear! Lol 🙂

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  2. It’s like Polyvore but for your personal closet- what a great idea! I need to become an app developer just to make fun stuff like this! When I get to my closet (still haven’t gotten there) I’m going to need this.

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