Un-fancy Remix Fall Challenge Recap

Before I recap on this recent challenge, I just want to say that I’m not the type of person who believes in following fashion trends, although I do like style. And by that I mean personal style. Since there is a blessed thing called preference, we all express our own in some way, shape and form. The fact that we convey these preferences to the world is very awesome, as it reveals a bit of who we are and how we relate to said world.

One way we express ourselves is through fashion.

I have recently become more aware of what I like and don’t like in the fashion world and have made a more careful election of clothing items that I think reflect my taste (for the time being as that can change over time as well). When I say recently, I refer to the past 18 months or so; it seems like I’m a rookie at this fashion thing considering my age, ha!

So last Spring I found this wonderful blog called Un-fancy, on Instagram actually, and the fact that Caroline, the blogger, had a closet with only 37 pieces immediately grabbed my attention! My curious self had to find out how that was accomplished, even before I realized I had to de-clutter my closet.

Fast forward to now, not only did I find out what that website was all about, but a few things happened after that:

1. I found out about minimal fashion.
2. I decluttered my closet (I talk about it here).
3. I discovered my own fashion style.
4. I stumbled upon minimalism.
5. I became a minimalist.
6. I told my husband about it (who already had minimalism tendencies).
7. He became a minimalist.
8. We decluttered our apartment.
9. We moved into a 550-square foot studio this summer.
10. I started this minimalist blog.

And that’s our year and a half in a 10-item list, folks!

I’m so thankful for the technologies that have led me to find this wonderful lifestyle of making space for what is important to us. I really hope this blog might inspire some of you to de-clutter your world so you can have more time to pursue what matters most to you.

Back to the point: Un-fancy had a (search #unfancyremix on Instagram) challenge a couple of weeks ago where we picked 10 items out of our closet, created 10 outfits with them and wore them for 10 days. Talk about a challenge, y’all!

I did it a bit differently since I’m either in the office or the gym, but neither is what I would define as my personal style. I’m not into wearing office clothes and I’m sorry to disappoint some or most of you, but I don’t dig spending my days in yoga pants, either. And that’s probably because I’m already 4 or more days out of the week in gym wear. 😉

So I created my 10 outfits and I’m actually excited that it wasn’t as challenging, as I have been curating my wardrobe for over a year now (still a lot in progress, though!).



What I’ve learned from this challenge? Here’s a quick list:

1. My Dressing app made it easy for me to put outfits together (I’ve talked about this amazing tool here) and I think everyone with a minimal closet should have something like this.
2. The scarcity of resources, or clothing items, forced me to think and let my creative juices flow when choosing outfits.
3. Because of that, I was able to put together outfits that I wouldn’t have thought of had I only 10 minutes to get ready.
4. I realized I needed to let go of the pants I had selected for this challenge, which I bought very cheap, so it fit me weird and I had been tolerating it until now. I also lost some weight so it really fits me weird and I didn’t want to carry it into the Fall/Winter months.
5. I realized I needed better, good quality pants. I’ve since gone out and gotten me a pair of girlfriend jeans that I’m excited about putting to good use as the weather cools down.
6. I learned that those “just in case” items in my closet are not the type of items I want to have. So I have been since letting go of some more tanks and other things that I just know I’m not going to wear. I really only want to wear what I love.
7. I am learning to let go more and not be afraid to start over. If I come to the point where my whole closet needs to go, then that’s fine by me.

I have to say I had so much fun with this challenge, I can’t wait for the Winter remix one!

Leave your thoughts below and any feedback you may have had from a similar challenge. I’d love to hear!



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  1. LOVE THIS!! As a fellow girl who is constantly stressing about outfits and what clothes to put together, this is a great read and good inspiration to eliminate a few things to really stop stressing my clothes.

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