Best way to ride out a Hurricane

So here we are, waiting nervously for Hurricane Matthew as he approaches not only the state of Florida, but Jacksonville and its coastal area. I honestly haven’t felt this worried since Charley in 2004; I remember I was still in Orlando right by the expressway, so we were as if shielded by the gusts of winds and whatever else it brought along that I can’t fully bring to memory.

Speaking to my sister on the phone today, she reminded of me how she had no clean uniforms to work because of the power AND water outage, which translates to no laundry, no showers … well, in the end she was able to go to a friend’s house to shower for work and stuff.

Since hurricane horror stories are the last thing I want to look back on, here’s what I do like to recall: not during Charley, but during Frances, which happened shortly after Charley (I know, bad Florida vibes!), we would be playing UNO with neighbor friends and family, and we barely felt that one go by. We were just having too much fun!

Fast forward to today, I’ve been doing laundry around the studio, picked out a few documents to scan on my phone (I bought a $5 scanning app a few months ago that is awesome, CamScanner for Android – you would think I have apps for almost everything), and a trip to memory lane began again. I found high school transcripts, my last report card!, and my SAT score report . . . can anyone say “minimize this stuff!”? Well, I’ve scanned it all and will continue scanning other important documents after I calm down (my husband is at work, so I can’t think 100% straight right now), but the best way to ride out a hurricane is this: listening to music.

That’s right. The best way I found to calm my nerves and keep me focused on something else other than the fact that something might fly inside our sliding glass door is by creating playlists, finding new artists and enjoying some new tunes (and don’t worry, we have renter’s insurance, so I made sure to snap some pictures of our minimal furniture in case of any damages, stay tuned for more on that though!).

Besides, the worst thing that has happened so far was me forgetting the tea kettle on the stove and smelling something burn only to find the water inside gone and the metal on the handle almost burn my hand as I tried to get it off the stove, it was so darn hot! Boy, where has my my mind gone?!?! Second attempt at instant coffee it is . . .

Anyhow, here’s what I’m listening to right now on Spotify to keep my spirits high:

Some Road Trip Playlist – A mix of folk/indie artists.

Winding Down Playlist – Also a mix of folk/indie artists, but with a slower tempo.

I also listen to some folk / acoustic playlists already created when I want to diversify. Here are some of my favorite artists and others I’ve recently found and began listening to as well:

  • Jose Gonzalez (You might have heard his songs on the Walter Mitty movie soundtrack)
  • Junip (that’s Jose Gonzalez’s band)
  • Jack Johnson
  • Bon Iver
  • The Morning Benders
  • Mumford & Sons
  • The Lumineers
  • Anchor & Braille
  • Aquilo
  • Daje Morris
  • Helios
  • VVE (this band was formed especially for the Minimalism documentary, a must-see!)
  • Wet

I’ll probably be posting more on Matthew’s aftermath once he’s gone, but in the meantime, everyone stay safe in the danger coastal zones, evacuate if possible and rock this hurricane or your weekend wherever you are with some smooth tunes. 😉

What’s your favorite genre / artist to listen to? I’d love to add to my current finds!








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    1. Thanks Molly!! My former spinning teacher would say: “the music is your road”… he’s right. It’ll keep me sane until the power goes out. 🙂


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