7 Lessons on Time

If minimalism is getting rid of life's excess to pursue what's important, then I’m doing just that, because I realized I didn’t have time, I made time.

The reality of discontentment and its simple cure.

I don't think we're bored of our stuff, I think we just don't know what it is we want. Think about it. Always striving, but never arriving. We want more when we could and should desire less. Why can't we recognize we have gone beyond the 'enough' point?

The Most Important Tasks

Your Most Important Tasks will flow from whatever matters most to you. What you focus on may or may not necessarily be something essential or that will add value to your life, so you will need to decide what to keep and what to minimize, what to spend time on and what to ignore.

10 on the 10th : November

Sometimes I find tips & tricks, recommendations & conversations, or just some plain good tunes I bumped into that someone might find interesting or find value in.