10 on the 10th : November

I wanted to share something with y’all that I think you can appreciate: resources! Sometimes I find tips & tricks, recommendations & conversations, or just some plain good tunes I bumped into that someone might find interesting or find value in.

I call them “10 on the 10th.”

I’ll bring to you 10 links every 10th of the month containing things that I’ve found beneficial, resourceful or just fun! It’s a little bit of my world, and heck, you might even like it!

Disclaimer: None of these links are affiliated links. I’m adding a generic link so you can see what I’m talking about. 😉


  1. Book I’m currently reading: 168 hours by Laura Vanderkam
  2. Been listening to a lot of this podcast for personal development: Optimal Living Daily (I listen to it on Stitcher)
  3. This Unbusy Manifesto has been an eye opener lately.
  4. Organizing my Fall/Winter wardrobe with MyDressing app (for Android). I have a post about it here.
  5. The Simplify book by Joshua Becker is only 99 cents on Kindle (as of 11pm on 11/9) if you’d like to get started on simplifying your life.
  6. Recently watched The True Cost documentary about fast fashion and it has helped me see deeper into this industry and make slow changes.
  7. Found the best-tasting instant decaf coffee out there: The Nescafe Taster’s Choice !
  8. I have several of Social Print Studio photo strips on my fridge! I include pictures from Instagram, my own landscape pictures and some cool quotes I need to be constantly reminded of!
  9. My go-to blog for fashion inspiration; it actually helped me hone in on my personal style 🙂
  10. Minimalism and home decor can be challenging. Everyday life can be, too, so that’s why I grabbed this frame for my wall recently from Hobby Lobby. I think I got 50% off 🙂

Any specific category you’d like to see more of? Just comment below!



6 thoughts on “10 on the 10th : November

  1. Hey, Mary! Great post! I love the idea of sharing 10 links on the 10th. I’ve definitely scribbled down some notes! I’m not into podcasts, but I want to be, so I saved that link to look into at a future date. I’ve also made a note to look for the book Simplify on my Kindle. I have a vacation coming up next month, so if nothing else, I’ll read it then. I can be a maximalist about certain things, but I’m really a minimalist at heart. Also, thanks for sharing the Unfancy blog- she has a great way to look at fashion. Loved this post! Can’t wait for next month’s post!!


    1. I’ve found so many things that other people have shared online so I thought this would be fun to share so im glad you like it! That book Simplify is on sale for only 10 days so get it quick since I dont know when the 10 days started lol I got it on the 3rd and need to finish my other book before I jump on that… have fun on the vacay!! 🙂


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