A New Year without Goals

If there is no resolve within to even achieve said goals, then the famous New Year Resolution won’t do anyone any good. I may have an idea of things I’d like to accomplish this coming year, but without goals, there is no more pressure, no more anxiety, and no more disappointments if nothing gets done.

Start Minimalism at Home with your Young Children

So how do we defy this consumer’s trend in order to teach our kids this valuable life long lesson, and have ourselves a peaceful and joyful holidays? We first need to ask ourselves the following questions and learn how to identify the marketing schemes; take steps to identify each time it occurs and teach our kids what to look for, how to dismiss it and find alternatives to this type of hyped consumerism.

3 things to consider during the holiday festivities

With the holiday season quickly approaching, we tend to indulge on a lot of stuff. Good stuff, but not really. From hot chocolate, to Starbucks holiday drinks, gingerbread cookies…. Oh my, let me stop there! All these treats and sweets can be so delicious and irresistible, that sometimes we might not know what they’re doing to us on the inside.

10 on the 10th : December

The 10 on the 10th is a monthly post with links & things that I find fun, educational, or beneficial throughout the month and share them with y'all!

The Greatest Gift

Christmas is a great time to spend with loved ones and give to those in need; giving is the essence of Christmas after all. So celebrate, decorate, and exchange gifts. Just take the time to appreciate the Greatest Gift that was given to us and for us. There wouldn't be CHRIST-mas without Christ.