January Links & Things

Happy New Year y’all!! It’s still January, so I’m not late in saying that, and since this is the first post of the year. . . you get it; I really wish we could say Happy New Year more often, maybe that way we’ll have more of a positive outlook in 2017, even though we say “Happy Friday” and even on Monday (us, 9-5ers), so I guess that makes up for it. The fact is that we just want to be happy everyday, so keep on saying it!

With all that out of the way, I wanted to share our 10 on the 10th links & things, January edition, even though I’ll just call it Links & Things because I like the rhyme. . . anyway!

  1. If you’ve read my last post of the year, I talk about no goals or New Year Resolutions for me, but I’m willing to call it more of an aspiration; goals come with the notion that there are task lists, planning and metrics involved, giving me anxiety and frustration, but I’m taking the simplistic approach nowadays. So I’ll recommend 30 Days of Yoga with Adrienne; this is something I did for 3 days last year, and then got busy with other priorities, but if I was ever to have an aspiration this year, getting more into yoga would be that so-called “goal”, so I can increase flexibility and mindfulness, but not counting that against me since I haven’t labeled it a goal; if it happens, great, if not, I’m still a gym rat so I’m basically getting consistent exercise at least. 🙂
  2. The New Year brings a fresh new look to my wardrobe (I’ve prepared a winter capsule wardrobe for the office using 15 items, will share soon!), and I loved this article I read recently, which was a total help; it explains the idea of how to buy, not what to buy. I was going to adopt the uniform idea, but I feel that if I can have a wardrobe I like, with selected pieces that reflect my style, then I’m all for it. I do advocate having less decision fatigue as well, so I have it all cataloged in an app to keep it all organized. If you’re ever wondering about capsule wardrobes, this blog got me started on it all and I highly recommend it!
  3. I’m putting together a list of podcasts that I personally love that range between personal development and simple living / minimalist, but while that doesn’t get published here, I want to recommend a new one I recently found called Let it Be podcast, about doing less and being more. You can subscribe to it also on iTunes, I currently use Stitcher for all my podcasts.
  4. The book Drive by Daniel H. Pink was awesome to read, I just finished it this past weekend and wanted to recommend it, because it really tackles the topic of motivation, extrinsic and intrinsic, and I feel like I’ve learned a lot about myself and what drives me to do the things I do and see them to completion. Very good read!
  5. If y’all didn’t know, I have a Pinterest account that has different boards regarding minimalism, either it be my personal fashion style, articles on minimalist, quotes, minimal home decor, etc. Check it out if you’d like, I just re-did the whole thing to be more minimalist-oriented so it can provide you with more resources if you’re interested on a journey of simple living. 🙂
  6. At the end of the year, I discovered S.W. Basics and their cleanser and toner at Target so I figured I’d try it because it really has minimal ingredients and that’s what I’m about. So I got the travel size and now I’m hooked! My skin is hooked! Say hello to skin care for me! That’s another good aspiration for 2017. 🙂
  7. Since I’m an introvert and I love time alone, I decided to create a 1-hour long playlist (of course) on Spotify for the times when I’m alone thinking, journaling, brainstorming, etc. It’s very soothing so you can totally get a yoga practice done with it as well.
  8. I love to read about minimalism and how I can better live life with less, so I’m recommending this is a blog I love to read and get inspired about my journey.
  9. A very quick tutorial on a top knot I had seen on Instagram that I just need to master, even with my curls!
  10. This is a 2017 wall calendar that I created with photos from our city and travels to the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and other states. It’s available in my photography shop if you’re interested in purchasing one. Then after 2017 is gone, you can always cut the pictures into a 5×7 or something and frame them! 😉

This is all for now, hope everyone has had a great start of the year and have an awesome week!