5 reasons why watching TV may be wasting your time

I’m not going to lie, a television set has helped me learn a couple of languages in the past; it’s helped me with detective skills (just kidding, but I still have some skills in that department), and even though there are quite interesting learning channels available, I can definitely find better things to do with my time.


You see, watching TV has a way to make our attention captive to the point we forget to even live! It holds our concentration and it distorts reality to say the least. It may also result in a lot of unnecessary stress!

Here are 5 reasons why watching TV may be wasting your time:

1. Television programs do not reflect reality. A lot of it is make-believe, leaving us discontent with our current situation and plain unhappy. We desire someone else’s life and do not consider the fact that we can create the life we want to live; it might take time, but not impossible.

2. It can desensitize us. If you have watched the news on a regular basis, you will notice a mixture of good and bad. Everything is shown so fast that we don’t even have time to process what we just saw. We have no time to grieve, feel excited or consider what was just said; a lot of people just don’t even question the integrity of such news or think about researching it further to form a personal opinion.

3. It breeds drama. A lot of television shows thrive where there is drama. Ever stopped to think about that? There needs to be some kind of fight or dissension for it to be interesting. All of that spills over onto our very own lives. If you’re into the whole drama, be careful that their behavior does not become your own. It’s no surprise if our “home sweet home” environment slowly turn into a Hollywood studio set, where dramatic attitude is encouraged and even cheered on.

4. You may gain weight. Rarely does a person sit to watch a TV show, Netflix or a movie without eating something. You may not have noticed, but it’s very easy to just bring things up and into your mouth without a second thought; since a TV holds your attention, you can finish a whole bag of chips by the time the show’s over.

5. It promotes excessive consumerism. Buying things is not bad. Accumulating such things through mindless consumption is. Commercial after commercial are seen promoting products both adults and children don’t really need; such items usually just end up sitting in a closet for long periods of time after being purchased. 

Next time you turn on the TV set, ask a few simple questions: Is what I am about to watch meaningful to my life? Does it serve a purpose? What else could I be doing right now?

My husband and I have a TV at our studio and we do watch movies or YouTube on it, but we realized we don’t care about cable, Hulu, Netflix, etc. Rather, we enjoy reading non-fiction books, exercising, working on creative projects or spending time with family; and we really don’t feel like we’re missing out. Our entertainment comes from elsewhere.

So what do you do instead of watching TV?


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  1. I am glad someone agrees with me on this topic! I have chosen to cut television out of my life as it no longer makes me happy. It also doesn’t leave me much time to write or do other things that I enjoy.
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