A New Direction for Another Wonderland

The New Year usually presents many possibilities, a fresh start, but also the chance to rethink whatever things may have been on cruise control for a while.

When I started Another Wonderland, I had this excitement about sharing my discoveries and what I had learned and applied to my life about minimalism. It really changed my perspective on things and I wanted to add value to someone else’s life. This is still true, in part, but I recently began to feel like it’s not all there is to this journey of mine and my husband’s.

Even though it’s a busy season at the office and deadlines are a normal theme in my workplace, I craved a slower pace during my non-work hours. Seasons and change are good for us sometimes so we can ask important questions and seek out answers. I think the evenings and weekends of January served me well on this. I started prioritizing a cleaner schedule and was able to just be in my head a little and take things and life into (deeper) consideration, which has led me to make some meaningful decisions in order to make life simpler and more enjoyable. I needed to envision what life would look like after making such choices for once.

Hanging out at the shore is not always fun, sometimes you just have to go beyond knee-deep waters and experience the unknown.

simple living minimalist blog

I officially set aside this first month of the year for pondering and organizing. I looked backwards to reflect on lessons learned, inwardly to address questions and concerns taking place within, and finally outwardly so I can then look forward to how I want 2017 to look like (to the extent of my control, but obviously leaving space for turns on the road).

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As it turns out, I’d like to take my writing a bit deeper; hanging out at the shore is not always fun, sometimes you just have to go beyond knee-deep waters and experience the unknown. I’ve kept diaries since I was a kid and then adopted journals throughout and after high school, so this desire to put thoughts to paper (or swiping them to my phone as this day and age might require) is very enjoyable to me; it allows me to sort out my feelings, to express what I’m contemplating. Even though I don’t consider myself a writer and this fact has significantly held me back for a while, I concluded that my desire to write is greater than my fear of not knowing how to properly structure a paragraph or getting my punctuation right on any given sentence (I can see myself asking the hubs for some copy editing, lol).

Things will definitely not have a pattern here, but it will stilll encourage exploration and growth.

This does not mean I’m going to quit talking about minimalism. On the contrary, I am compelled to write about the many benefits and reasons of living a more “meaningful life with less”, as the Minimalists would say, and continue to share research and interest on such topics that have led me to choose a simple and slow life. I’ll also write about other similar topics, values, recommendations and resources, but also convey what’s currently in my head, adding subjects that may range from me just processing struggles, my Christian faith, painful experiences, personality, personal development, mental health, hobbies, our travels, and just some plain randomness! For me, blogging many times should include both good and bad, highs and lows, and a bit of everything in between.

simple living minimalist blog

So I invite you to continue on this journey with me; for those who are just now popping in, welcome! I want my words to be real, authentic. In this digital world of social media, styled photographs and beautiful scenery, honesty can get lost and struggles are well hidden behind many aesthetic-looking squares. It doesn’t have to be this way. I long for depth; I know many of us do.

Things will definitely not have a pattern here (that goes for the posting schedule), but it will still encourage exploration and growth. After all, many of us are just trying to make sense of our lives, our own Wonderland, and each with a unique, beautiful story and perspective. This also means I’m giving myself permission to write freely and without care, so comments will be turned off going forward. I’d still love the opportunity to connect via email or on Instagram, though, so don’t be a stranger if you’re already a subscriber to new posts via email or WP. 🙂