Thoughts about a waste called life

We have not the slightest clue. Not one bit. Maybe we need a near-death experience to wake us up to what life really is.

I’m an idealist, an empath, a borderline HSP so I can say that I despise life at times. It’s cruel and unfair to say the least. I do not lie when I say I’ve wanted to end my days in the most painless and quick ways, that I wish I had never been born, and that I have been angry at God for creating me. Life is hard.

We all hit our lows at one time or another. Sometimes we stay in that dungeon without hope, but many a times we see Light approach with an extended and willing hand, and finding ourselves out of it, we carry on as usual.

But is that all there is to life? A series of ups and downs, an endless roller coaster ride we want to see end because the motion is making us sick and dizzy? That is not true life, but a waste called life; something to be thrown away and trashed as it is considered useless and without any purpose or importance. 

Douglas Adams was right when he said that “life is wasted on the living”. Again, I will say we have no clue what it looks like, and in all our quests and soul-searching, few find its true value. Life is like a treasure we find hidden in a field we do not own. We sell everything we own without a flinch so we may obtain that piece of land and such a grand possession. 

We walk to and fro searching, pursuing life and happiness around every corner. When were we ever supposed to look for it? Has it been kidnapped in the middle of the night that we must focus all our attention in gathering up a ramsom to have it back? What exactly would we give in exchange for it? We can’t give our life, since we claim to be looking for it as if it were a hostage in a foreign land. 

Stop looking for life, I say. It is not missing, it is right here, between both eternity past and future. It will not scream for attention. Many things are disguised as life, but aren’t it. If your attention turns to seeking such things, you might miss it. I pray you don’t. I pray I won’t. 

Life is beautiful, you should see it. Make your ambition to live it, not waste it. Do not be the person who looks back and realizes how life was not enjoyed while it was around.

It really is such a treasure. I’m glad we didn’t even have to purchase it; Someone Else did it on our behalf.