House tour & lessons learned

From the time I was single and still living with my parents, my twin sister and I entertained the idea of living in a studio apartment. Even though that never took place, years later, and now married, I finally had the opportunity to reside, for just over a year, in a studio apartment with my husband.

View from the front door. The sliding door is our only source of natural light, but very sufficient.
  • I need dividing walls. Our routine changed a lot when my husband got a new job substitute teaching. He went from waking up around 7:30-ish or later to 5-ish and my sleep routine has been a roller coaster since, especially due to all the cooking going on before the crack of dawn while I’m only a few feet away. I also have concluded I need my own space for writing, reading or winding down to nice evening tunes while he can watch YouTube videos on his laptop using the TV’s HDMI port without distracting me. My attention won’t compete with that kind of noise.

    Where we cook simple, but nutritious homemade meals.

    That Ikea chair is my sanctuary!

    Kitchen and dining (improv) area with easy-to-move table.
    • I developed a love-hate relationship with our hardwood floor. I love how it looks and how it does not bother me to walk barefoot on it, but man it gets dusty and dirty quick! We live what you call a minimalist or essentialist life, so we don’t own a lot and in turn, we don’t have to clean a lot. We don’t even have pets, but it seems the surface we walk on demands quite the attention.

    The closet is behind that door, soon to be revealed in its own post! Yes, everything fits in there, and yes, we got rid of the boxspring and love it this way.

    We don’t believe in having a TV in the bedroom, but there’s no way to watch it with this setup so it’s ok.

    • First floor is the way to go unless there is an elevator in the building. We’re on the third floor, but happen to have this great amenity. It will be better to be on the first floor when we move again so it’s easier to bring up our groceries or even during the move in/out process; our latex mattress is a heavy and flimsy piece of furniture.

    The hubs loves to read his Kindle out in the balcony. And I love our blue couch, it’s extremely comfy.

    • An open space feels cozy and intimate. Besides the fact that I do miss having walls, overall having an open space has its advantages. It forces interaction versus hiding behind a wall, each person doing their own separate thing, so I do hang out on the couch sometimes and watch skateboarding or fitness videos with the hubs (not having walls is not THAT problematic after all).

    Going back towards the entrance…

    Small bathroom, huge sink.

    Our office/desk area. Three years ago we had 5 three-shelf bookcases full of books. Today this is what’s left. Another little closet next to it for shoes, grocery dolly, and gym backpacks.

    • Hosting guests is impossible. Not that we usually have people over, but if we wanted to, we wouldn’t be able to, I mean, have you seen our dining table (which is temporary until I find something affordable that I like)?
    We enjoy hanging out inside the cabanas and the salt-water pool. Hurry up, Summer!

      So there it is! Our home sweet home until mid-October. I really like and enjoy our place (especially the amenities), but would not recommend a studio apartment to anyone who is not single, unless you do not have somewhat of a crazy work schedule; kids is out of the question, I don’t know how families in tiny houses handle it.

      With sunset happening later and the weather getting a lot warmer, this introvert can at least spend more time out in the balcony as well as the resort-like pool area for those necessary me-time moments. It creates very good leverage, I’ve also learned. 😉