Opposite Direction

June is here. Lots of summer rains and sunsets on the way, extra points if I get to admire the silhouette of palm trees. Just how life is supposed to be.

I wish I could say the slow life has been easy, and although it has been simple, easy is far from the current reality.

The journey of living a slow life has been a real struggle. It has almost felt like doing a U-turn and driving past all these cars going the opposite direction of me. They’re all going the same direction as the other, but it’s leading them towards a very different destination.

I know where this roads leads, but I’m here right now, in the driver seat, scanning ahead so I don’t crash, so I can move towards to living life a bit simpler, a bit more meaningful. There’s no going back. Forward I go. It seems all the road signs point to an imminent collision, and most times that’s exactly what happens when going against the grain. Praying for no serious injuries and 100% rate of survival.

I really want to see more palm trees.

Take it slow y’all… 😉