When the race is finished, when the fight is won, will He find us faithful, will He say “well done?”

On this 4th of July, I think of all the soldiers and all involved in a military capacity that serve this country for a purpose. Some have given all, even their lives. For that I admire and have great respect for our military. They are truly brave, they endure hardships for a common goal.

As a Christian, I serve Christ and also have to fight the good fight of faith as a good soldier. As any believer, I face hardship, trials, discouragement, failure, confusion, and sometimes despair.

This life was never supposed to be a breeze. That’s not what the Bible says. But there is a reward for enduring; there is hope and joy everlasting at the finish line.

As servant and soldier, I want to fight the good fight of faith, run the race well and finish well. It’s worth all the sacrifices made in this life.
May I, along with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, have the same endurance we see in our soldiers, to please our Commander in Chief, the Lord Jesus.

Happy 4th!