Book Recommendation: Goodbye, Things

So I bumped into the book Goodbye, Things by Fumio Sasaki at the library a couple of weeks ago while on vacation and the hubs also decided to check it out, which is good, because he doesn’t tune in to blogs and podcasts on minimalism as much as I do, though he is a simple guy. 

It turns out we had a very significant purge after reading that last page – not that we had much after almost 3 years of massive decluttering projects, but this pile was harder to let go of compared to others. 

What a breakthrough, to let go of things we hauled around for so long and for what end, really? I’d rather be chasing after important things (which are really not things at all) than clothes and toys and new gadgets, etc etc… It’s all ephemeral vanity in the end, I’ve concluded. I’m getting more joy out of treasures I’m storing up for eternity, which I had been too distracted from for way too long.

Things have been getting under control, thankfully, so I’m excited to be moving out of our studio apartment at the end of October, with much less stuff. Maybe one day we’ll be able to move to a new place as quickly as Sasaki did. 🙂 

Anyway, this book is so practical and such an easy read… I totally recommend it, regardless if you’re not ready for the new Japanese minimalism in any way. Sasaki shares pictures of his journey in minimizing, and gives very good tips to help readers on their own journey of making space for the important things. 

It’s also available on Kindle, in case you’d like to own the digital version of it, to keep things to a minimal. 😉