It’s a great feeling to finish a chapter in whatever book I’m reading. The same feeling has come over me recently, as I bring yet another chapter in my life to an end. It’s nothing that would cause a big change, but it is a change, nonetheless.

Since 2002, I have been very enthusiastic about photography. I had a film camera then, and dabbled with it from time to time. I enrolled in a photography course, and in 2009, I had the chance to buy a digital camera and cultivate this interest of mine interning with a studio for about 6 months until I got married and moved out of town.

I put the hobby aside, but not completely, until I bought into the “follow your passion and hustle” mentality and decided photography was going to be a side gig, and who knows, I could become a full-time business owner down the road.

And so I did. From mid-2013 to mid-2017 I hustled and invested time and resources to turn this hobby into a money-making weekend.

Well, these four years have been really fun and I’m thankful for the growth I went through, not only in my skill level, but my understanding of entrepreneurship and all its implications. I thought this would be a passion I’d pursue forever, but everything changed at the turn of the year.

I realized it was time to move on to something else, a new passion to cultivate, a new adventure to chase after and a new opportunity to better myself. 

Now passion is a word that’s been thrown around quite a bit and not given very much thought. I don’t believe we are born with one passion and that we should follow it relentlessly to the end of our days. I see that our interests are ever changing, as well as habits and skill set. 

On and off, I spent about 15 years cultivating this photography hobby-turned-side-hustle passion. Seven months have passed since my decision to no longer photograph, and this month, I have shot my last session and will minimize all my equipment in the upcoming days. Heads-up Craigslist!

Even though this chapter in my life is finishing up, another has recently begun. Besides taking pictures, I’ve always enjoyed writing, in spite of no formal education or training. I’m looking forward to putting time into learning this skill as well.

I’ve been blogging since September of last year and hope to cultivate it until something else catches my attention. I’ve entertained the idea of publishing an ebook in the near future. It would definitely be a challenge, but I shouldn’t be afraid to step into the unknown. 

The point of all this is that whatever you want to learn and do, do it. Take time to learn a new skill or pick up a hobby, and don’t fear bringing something to a close and start something else.

Life is too short to not explore new areas or be stuck in one thing.

And no rush is required. Be curious, explore, take it slow and enjoy the process. 😉