I have learned so much while on this journey of slow living and simplicity, and one thing is definitely worth noting: it takes more effort to DISPOSE than to acquire. 

And this is relevant to any area.

Ending relationships seem to be more difficult than beginning them; decluttering closets, storage spaces and homes are much harder than walking out of a store or getting things shipped right to your doorstep after ordering online from the comfort of your couch; and if you do it right, losing only 5 pounds of body fat (while maintaining muscle) takes a lot more time, discipline and hard work than putting on the extra weight.

This tells me that letting go can’t just stay in my mind, as hard as the effort may be. The steps and actions required to simplify and even get control of our lives need to be carried out deliberately if we are ever to see the desired outcome. 

Thus, the opposite is true for anything we bring into our lives. If doing away with “X” takes effort, time, attention and resources, then we would be doing ourselves a great favor if we thought about what we purchased, ate or committed to with intention and thought.

With that being said, here are 5 general, but (hopefully) helpful questions to ask when facing this type of decision:

1. What purpose will this serve?

2. Will this add value to my life?

3. Is this important to me?

4. What impact will this have short-term? Long-term?

5. What is my desired outcome?

Allowing whatever things or people into our lives will become easier to consider as we DISCOVER and delineate our values and priorities. 

Once these are figured out, we can create space to BREATHE and spend our energy and attention with more meaningful things (which aren’t things). The ultimate outcome will be nothing less than sustainable peace and lightness. 

So let go of the heavy stuff and start living light.