As we get older, we tend to experience feelings of either regret or satisfaction.

So many don’t understand this, but it is better to learn from the past than to stay there; this period in time should help us to look at the now as well as the future.

Here are a few reminders as I continue this walk of life, one year older this month. I hope it will be helpful to you as you also journey on.

Don’t forget to live. Make the most of it before the sands of time blow over and bury dreams and desires, loved ones and the vitality of youth.

Don’t forget to give thanks. All you have is a gift.

Don’t forget contentment. It is always about embracing what you do have versus what lacks.

Don’t forget joy. In the routine or in celebrations, you have something no one can take away from you.

Don’t forget hope. One day we will all be with the Lord forever, where tears and sorrow are no more and peace and joy are everlasting.

Don’t forget compassion. People are hurting everywhere.

Don’t forget failure. They are motivators to get back up.

Don’t forget generosity. Nothing you own is yours, but you can use it for the needy.

Don’t forget to be still. Take time to just be and breathe in.

Don’t forget the journey. Enjoy the process as well as the finish line.

Don’t forget relationships. Family and close friends around you are the greatest blessing.

Don’t forget faith. Rely on what is invisible and make faith your eyesight.

Don’t forget love. This alone endures forever.