Fall Hygge in Florida 

The typical Summer humidity is slowly being replaced by a not-so-warm, but not a cool, Fall breeze. And so Autumn hygge begins in Florida. Well, sort of. 

I wish I could say I have welcomed sweater weather already, but it actually might be another few weeks (like eight) before I start wearing the items on the other half of my closet. It is what it is.

Florida is a bit temperamental when it comes to timing and display of the different seasons, but even so, I’ve found ways to experience a more tropical version of Hygge into my routine. 

Simply, here it is:

  • iced green tea, unsweetened
  • sea gull sounds
  • ocean breeze
  • palm tree shade
  • bare feet, toes in the sand 
  • waking up before sunrise
  • eucalyptus smell around the house
  • a walk around the block, lake view
  • moonlight
  • poolside cabana and soft music
  • reading a book out on the balcony

No matter where you are, blankets or not, you can still find your own version of hygge. Just do you. 

In other news, we move in exactly 31 days! I’ll be posting more of that process here and on Instagram stories, so don’t miss it! It comes with a minimalistic perspective. In the meantime, you can see what our living quarters currently look like here.  

Happy Fall Equinox and keep on hygging, friends! 😉