On Moving 

This is the third time we’ll be moving in three years. I guess you can say that not being a home owner has “purchased” us the right to mobility. A lot of it, if needed. 

I have also lived in 2 countries and 4 cities in these 34 years of life, so there is a certain feeling of restlessness that might come with the idea of settling down somewhere. Heck, I’ve even moved the furniture around our studio apartment at least 4 times in the past year. 

You get the picture. 

I just like to move; it’s almost like turning a new leaf, a restart if you will. It can be refreshing, or not, depending on how much stuff is required to move. 

Ah, the stuff. 

  • The stuff in closets.
  • The stuff under the bed.
  • The stuff in the shed.
  • The stuff in the garage.
  • The stuff in the attic.
  • The stuff in the storage unit a few miles down the road.
  • The stuff in your married kids’ garages. 

All. The. Stuff. 

Yes, moving can be a daunting task if the act of accumulating has not been balanced with the act of decluttering. It doesn’t matter if you’re organized or not; organized clutter is still clutter. 

I don’t even believe a balance can be reached. The heart of the matter is the matter of the heart. I think finding the underlying reason why there is so much stuff is the million dollar question. 

So ask yourself this simple question: Why am I giving too much meaning to my stuff? 

At some point I realized I was accumulating for the feelings that would come over me, of getting dressed and going out to the stores, finding a pretty thing, a thing on sale, a thing that would satisfy me for a few hours.

That rush of dopamine when you’re in search of something desirous. 

With time, I started questioning my purchases; I’d only bring in something that added value to my life, in purpose or functionality. I’d also let go of something else that didn’t add as much value as it once did. It’s important to keep evaluating what you possess. 

With that, and seasons of decluttering, our stuff decreased in quantity, but not in value. Every time we move, we examine our belongings and ask whether it’s useful or not; then we either keep it, donate it, or sell it. 

Moving Process 

This year, I’ll be selling my beach cruiser, my desk, and our mattress. I rarely use my bike, making small attempts to walk more instead since I sit down all day at work. We’ll have a built-in table at the kitchen so we’ll be repurposing our folding table, currently our dining table, as a desk; that tempered glass desk is too heavy to be carrying around. Our mattress is made of latex and memory foam, extremely heavy to move, so we got a lighter one and hopefully Craigslist will decide to take our old one. 

We still have the couch, which I can lift with my husband. Everything else is light and movable, so it will be a smooth move after the items above have been sold. I’m using tote bags and cardboard boxes to pack our stuff. Pics to come later!

I’ve already packed my winter clothes in trash bags and have started cleaning up some random junk around the place. My next project is to scan all my husband’s photos to my Google Drive; there’s 140 to go (scanned 35 already) and I’ve been using the PhotoScan app by Google Photos; a very decent app if you want to digitize your pictures for free! I scanned mine at our local library by appointment, also at no charge.

Moving is as easy as you make it to be. The less you have, the easier it is. There’s less stress, less need for movers or big trucks, and less money and time spent. 
I’m super excited! October 24th can’t come soon enough! Now I’m just praying for a sunny day!

Stay tuned for more on our moving process. 😉