Giving thanks

Thankfulness is a state of mind. It should be practiced every day we get to just wake up and take our first breath, because life itself is the most precious gift of all.

So many find themselves in discontentment today. And it’s easy for any of us to fall into that trap. 

Yesterday we drove south to see family for Thanksgiving and we were on the road much longer than we wanted to as there were several accidents throughout the trip. 

I was a bit upset at this because I wanted to see my family much sooner, but was delayed. My husband’s words hit me with a reality check then: we needed to be grateful our delay wasn’t due to us being involved in any of those accidents we saw. 

I immediately changed my attitude and gave thanks to God; we had safe travels.

Giving thanks is at the heart of a happy life. 

Feeling satisfied in all things, even the little things, is a discipline that takes daily awareness, being mindful and thankful for not only what we have been blessed with, but for what we have been blessed without.

You followin’?

A grateful heart sees both sides of the coin; what we got as well as what we didn’t get. 

Today, if you have a hard time giving thanks for all that’s been provided to you, because you have a mindset of more and you don’t think you have enough, I suggest you start counting the things you don’t have that are a great blessing to your quality of life, such as an illness, disability, hunger or poverty.

We should never feel entitled to the things we have, but humbled. God doesn’t owe us anything, but He loves us and gave us His Son to die for us so we can have life abundant.  

The way I see it, the more we give thanks, the brighter our perspective to difficulties we face in life. We begin to see what matters most.

So if you woke up today, there’s enough reason to be thankful. 

Wishing a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving to everyone!