A Wonderful Time

This December, the last month of the year, take a moment to review your life and recent days. It’s a good time to question the things you buy, the things you do, the habits you have, and the people you relate to. 

How has your year been so far? Did you choose contentment over comparison, freedom and joy over stress? Did you spend time on what matters to you?

The holidays are upon us and it can be the most wonderful time or a recurring disaster. We must remember our lives are not under the control of tradition or retailers.

You don’t have to get into debt in order to buy things for people who might not appreciate the gifts or might not even need them.

You don’t have to overcommit to events. It should not be about people-pleasing. Your time is yours to do what you want with it. We all have family, friends, and coworkers, but what about downtime for ourselves? 

In the end, it’s better to go through the discomfort of saying ‘no’ to something or someone than to say ‘yes’ and be resentful. 

It seems most of the Western world wants to erase the fact that we celebrate a Person, not excessive consumerism and cultural traditions. 

There is no Christ-mas without Christ, and there is no peace nor joy without His Presence in our lives. 

This season, and everyday, He extends grace; a gift we so desperately need and don’t even deserve, but one that can make all the difference for the rest of the year and its festivities. 

I pray we will avail ourselves of such amazing gift, free and always available for the receiving. 

I’ll be taking some time off in December from blogging and social media so I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Take it slow and I will see you in 2018, God willing!