Thoughts on Instagram Hiatus

A little over a month ago I posted about taking a social media and blog hiatus during the month of December, specifically Instagram since I felt a bit addicted. I had quit Facebook in March of 2017 and never had a Twitter account for longer than a month (not my cup of tea).

I must say the results confirm my suspicions.

First, the need to share on social media decreased significantly after only one week of not using the app.

Second, interaction with friends and family have increased, which tells me good ol’ human exchange is more satisfying than a virtual one. Something about eye contact and tone of voice that keep me from embracing social media as the primary way to forming and cultivating relationships in this day and age. I’ve met new people and even spent New Year’s Eve with folks I don’t really know and had a blast!

Forming relationships and making connections is really risky business and I kinda like it. The security I felt behind a glowing screen has become kinda dull.

Third, I’ve also been journaling more. Not in a Dear Diary kind of way as I did in my younger years, but just trapping my thoughts on paper (actually a phone app) have satisfied my need to be on social media and sharing something. I learned it’s perfectly ok to keep it to myself, either it be an idea, a quote or a fact. I can write it down, and possibly even use it later whenever talking friends, coworkers or new acquaintances.

Fourth, by not feeling the need to share or get likes/followers, I have also somewhat lost interest in what other people actually share; not because what they share is not valuable, but because I’m picking and choosing what I am interested in feeding my eyes and brain. I concluded FOMO is not something I’ll ever be diagnosed with. For that reason I keep the amount of people I follow very low. The follow for follow game exhausts me and I deem it unnecessary. No real connection is being formed there. So I only keep what is going to add value to my life, and that excludes accounts that are sponsored by advertisers.

Fifth, I realized that social media can be a very shallow place to be and I’d rather get into deeper waters. I enjoy blogging, but I do believe my social media presence will decrease with time, as I also focus on other things that have occupied my mind and interest during this break. There’s real life and connections offline, and it made me forget about social media and not desire to reach for it one minute.

Finally, I can now disconnect from this “matrix” without feeling enslaved to it. The more life has to offer, the less I’m attracted to the endless scrolling in search of pretty squares.

Life offline can definitely be inspiring so that’s what I’ll be aiming for going forward.

So I hope everyone had a great holiday and began this New Year with excitement and hope! If you’d like to visit my post regarding my thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions, click here.