Today called for serious relaxation. The week seemed long and tiring, and I wanted to do (almost) nothing. And so it went.

Sipping on tea, cooking lunch and sitting around all day, looking out at the lake and the trees dancing with the wind was all I needed. Lots of reading, thinking, and writing taking place as well.

Movement was definitely optional.

I think the plan of having no plans should be quickly adopted by those seeking a slower pace of life, even though it might be a bit stigmatized in the U.S.

After all, our unalienable right to pursue life, liberty and happiness has been translated into the concepts of working 60 plus hours a week, deferring life by obsessing about retirement, and accumulating things that don’t satisfy. Somebody thought that was a brilliant idea.

I don’t buy into it, though. Slow is fine by me. Idleness is an aspiration, relaxation a means to an end. Let the world say what they may.

I take my health seriously. Rest for the body and mind is essential to a great quality of life. Unless stress is your modis operandi of choice.

The culture of go, go, go has ruined us. We have become a sleep-deprived, caffeine-driven, and anti-relaxation society.

This because vacations can’t possibly count as relaxation. The thought of recess may be enjoyable, but many come back from their break feeling exhausted from all the activities they thought they needed to engage in to feel “relaxed”. Relaxation and inactivity are actually a better fit.

Then there’s the debt to be dealt with, the increase in hours, and hence stress, to pay off said debt. Rinse and repeat.

That cycle does not look promising. It’s much better to set boundaries and plan do-nothing days every so often; or very often for your own sake (I don’t think anyone would mind).

I can’t wait to rinse and repeat days like this.