Resurrection Day

We live in a society where science is not the enemy of faith; more like Target, Facebook and The Walking Dead.

The American Dream and Western Culture in general are, in my opinion, the bow and arrow of the Prince of this World, being aimed at the hearts and minds of Christians to keep them distracted from what matters and focused on what doesn’t.

We all know we can’t serve more than one Master.

Weekend shopping sprees, a few hours a day scrolling down phones in search of the latest news, cat videos, or photos while watching the top TV shows in the country have, sadly, become the quotidian of the typical American; I’m pretty sure believers are not exempt from that bunch.

It’s a slow fade that leads to apathy.

It’s an even slower one to snap out of it.

The Bible calls Christ-followers to pick up their crosses and follow Him, but the comforts of our couches are just too hard to leave behind.

Let’s not forget busyness, our favorite excuse.

I’m afraid of looking for statistics, but I can only wonder how many Christians pick up their Bibles on a daily or weekly basis to really study what the Word says; I wonder how much of their time is spent in communion with God in prayer and worship.

On a Sunday like today, many go to church to check the good-Christian box of attending an Easter service, they sing songs about the Resurrection and are content to have fulfilled that weekly duty.

But is that the real Christianity God has called us to?

I pray believers will wake up from their slumber and rekindle the fire in their souls to serve and follow Christ. I pray we’ll return to our first love and abide in Him for as long as we have breath in our lungs.

The Resurrection was real. Jesus is real. His love and grace, too.

Living a simple life with less has helped me re-align my heart to His Word and I know that’s the antidote we need to get us away from distractions, materialism, indifference, greed and status.

Life can only be abundant when we live for Him.