Freedom’s implication is that it must come at a price. And the result should be, well, freedom, right?

But what if that freedom is not being currently enjoyed to the fullest, because of other factors at play?

If we stop to consider, some of the many liberties this country has granted us are making us a miserable and terrified nation. They shouldn’t be taken away, but the misuse and abuse are definitely causing more headache than joy.

Freedom should not be a license for terrorism, murder, slander, compulsive consumerism, neglect, mistreatment, deception, racism, harassment, greed. At the core of freedom, there is deep gratitude, a true sense of grace given and received. And so we begin to live and act in light of that.

How about a soft word?
A kind gesture?
Less judgement?
Less fear?
More grace?

I’m grateful to live in a country with many liberties. I’m sure you feel the same. I pray we will be people who use them for good, not evil. For love, not hate. For life, not death. That will look more like the pursuit of happiness. It will honor those who have fought for freedom, even with their lives.

I wish everyone a safe Independence Day, full of joy!