Anger and hate are easier than love and compassion. Mercy seems to be a virtue known to few. And how quickly do we turn to these powerful emotions to tuck away pain, fear. Coming face to face with all that I am, we are, trying to hide is not a simple task. But I am human. You are just as human as I. And we do feel. Sometimes hate, anger, fear and pain, at some point all of them at once! I shouldn’t try to brush them off as society or upbringing expect. I don’t have to deny my experiences in this skin. I have the right to feel, and you do, too.

The danger is in these emotions owning you and me, our hearts. The worst-case scenario is that they’ll take up residence. From one end of the spectrum to another, all sorts of feelings are important. How else can we process the day-to-day journey and make sense of this world? What I have noticed, and struggle against, is that I’ll let anger and pain become my companions, mistaking them for a safe haven, even though they’re nothing more than weapons in my hand.

I am not my feelings. This is something I’ve come to realize recently. I’ve been controlled by them for far too long. It’s time to give grace, be kind, but more importantly, to face them head-on, to question. To be vulnerable, for starters. There is a source to our pain, our hatred, our ever-increasing anger towards something or something. I’m not talking about the anger we feel against injustice. Would you like to see the ugly in you? ‘Cuz it exists, you know. We all know. But don’t ever underestimate the strength of the human spirit to overcome. To deal with whatever it is that’s trying to control us.

I think the first step is to acknowledge, become aware. That’s a big one, but it will put us on a sure path to healing, however long it takes, but we must. Our lenses are blurry and we need courage to see clear again.

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