2018 Reflections

Friends, believe it or not, but this is big news: there’s only one more month left in 2018. Wow. It seems we all made it this far, praise be! I’m sure it hasn’t been easy, or maybe it has – care to tell?

And now, the holidays are upon us to usher us towards the finish line. Many of us may be planning events, social and/or family gatherings, shopping for gifts and eating lots of good food, but have you taken the time to reflect on these last 11 months? What about the next 12 after December comes to a close?

So. I’ve come up with 10 thoughtful questions to ask yourself and reflect on – jot the answers down if you’d like to review them in 2019 – as we approach the end of yet another successful year (if you’re reading this, it was a success, trust me!).

Ready? Here we go:

1. Have I grown in the area(s) that I consider important? If so, how have I grown?

2. Was there anything left unresolved that I still need to address? Either it be in my career path, a personal project or relationships that need mending.

3. Did I pursue what I valued or did I chase after the wind? Why?

4. Did I achieve a balance in caring for myself as well as caring for the ones I love?

5. What is one lesson (or more) that impacted my life for the upcoming year?
6. What habits were created that I want to carry with me into the New Year? What habits did I let go of, at last?

7. Am I willing to leave behind unmet expectations or cling to them in 2019? How can clinging hinder possible growth?

8. Have I already set expectations for 2019 or will I “just meet whatever comes my way when it does?”
9. How can I use the good and the bad in 2018 to shape me as I step into a new year for the purpose of bettering myself?
10. How can I make a difference in 2019?

Feel free to drop a note in the comments and let me know your favorite question and why. I’d love to read about it!

See ya November,