December is here, the official countdown to Advent has begun. And what a beautiful season it is, full of goodwill and hope. Some things to kick this off:

A reality-check: depression, loneliness and sadness are not exempt from even the most wonderful time of the year.

A temptation: stress and negative emotions will try to make their way into our sensitive hearts at this time. Feel with caution.

A reminder: even in the present darkness, there is light to be seen.

A secret: keep your hand over your heart and whisper for it to stay open, soft.

A miracle: we are here in this moment and have a chance to savor it.

A remedy: a good dosage of generosity and serendipity goes a long way at this time.

A song: let your ears be filled with the sound of what brings a smile to your face.

A gift: there is no greater present than presence.

A focus: we are human. We will fail, we will hurt. Focus on grace, to yourself, to others.

A plea: love one another, in action and word.

A prayer: may we enjoy the fullness of the season, in gratefulness of all things given to us, and taken from us, for everything is a grace. May we also have the courage to see this in due time.



2 thoughts on “Advent

  1. Wonderful words of encouragement. Helping someone else gives me a respite (no matter how brief) from my own troubles. Especially at this time of year.


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