2019 pep talk

In the New Year, maybe you need to give yourself permission …
to be fully present.

To determine not to be caught up in complexities.

To be open to possibilities.
To be willing to shift your perspective.

To change your outlook on life’s purpose.
To see routine as a pleasant experience.

To let go of a longing for the extraordinary.
To rest in the fact that you already have everything you need to be happy at this very moment (unless you’re not breathing).

To trust that uncertainty does not mean calamity.
To finally understand that it’s not all about you.

To resist the warped narrative that society imposes on your mind, body and soul.

To explore and to never stop exploring.

To be curious about the little details and the big scheme of things.

To pace yourself when everyone else is hustling.

To appreciate the small pleasures of life.

To be thankful. Always. You have reasons to.
To reject the negativity of your inner voice constantly harassing you.

To speak up when it’s right.

To question things.
To give yourself grace for not fulfilling your new year goals, or goals from three years ago.

To hit reset on what’s not working.

To elevate your health.

To ditch fad diets.

To practice self-care.

To believe that self-care is not selfish.
To set apart time for solitude and meditation, to think and renew your mind.
To do much or nothing at all.
To pick up and old hobby or start a new one.

To shoot for the stars or just walk on the beach at dawn.
To be brave and dive in in faith. Or not.
You can give yourself permission to do and be YOU.
Just like that.

Nothing more.
Nothing less.
You have only one wild and precious life to live (according to Mary Oliver).
So live as YOU wish.

And make the most of it.

Wishing you a very happy and meaningful New Year!