Photo by Silver Shores Photography

Hi there! I’m Mariana, but I usually go by Mary. I’m glad you’re here! This is my personal space where I document my journey towards a simple, slower living as well as many other things.

My husband, Al, and I live in Jacksonville, Florida. We’ve been trying to adopt a more simple and slow life since 2015. This lifestyle has appealed to me mostly as a way to handle stress and anxiety, but also to create space to pursue a more meaningful life.

We never owned a garage full of stuff, although we had bookshelves full of books, but we did have a desire to live with less so we could have more freedom overall. We seem to be moving every 12 months so a ton of stuff gets old after a while. We also found a way to live closer to my job and family, which is great!

So this is my journal. I want to express my thoughts, share pieces of the journey, what I’ve learned so far and the things I struggle with along the way and hopefully add value to someone else’s life. 

We definitely live at a slower pace nowadays. When we’re not working, we are usually at a local gym weightlifting, at the library reading, riding our bikes, enjoying a nice meal at home or at one of our favorite restaurants, road tripping along the coast, or watching movies and/or YouTube (Ted talks are my favorite). 

I currently work full-time as a bookkeeper and did photography for a little while, too. I’m an INFJ. I’d love to do yoga if my joints cooperated, but I do what I can, even if 10 minutes at a time! I consider myself a lifelong learner so I’m constantly reading or listening to podcasts. I like to listen to many playlists I have created on Spotify, and when the weather allows, Al and I will spend lots of time out by the pool or at the beach just enjoying the outdoors and soaking in the sunshine. My coffee is black, decaf and I love trying out different teas; I’m currently enjoying ginger and chamomile. 

So glad you stopped by! I hope you stay and connect! 💙