A Wonderful Time

This December, the last month of the year, take a moment to review your life and recent days. It's a good time to question the things you buy, the things you do, the habits you have, and the people you relate to. 

Giving thanks

Thankfulness is a state of mind. It should be practiced every day we get to just wake up and take our first breath, because life itself is the most precious gift of all.


Remembering the darkness of 9/11 on this day, sixteen years ago, but also the light and hope that impacted so many of us because of that horrendous moment in history. 


This life was never supposed to be a breeze. That's not what the Bible says. But there is a reward for enduring; there is hope and joy everlasting at the finish line.


There is never one season like the other. The Bible says there is a time for everything, which means some seasons will be exciting to experience, while others, not so much. 

Thoughts about a waste called life

But is that all there is to life? A series of ups and downs, an endless roller coaster ride we want to see end because the motion is making us sick and dizzy?

The Greatest Gift

Christmas is a great time to spend with loved ones and give to those in need; giving is the essence of Christmas after all. So celebrate, decorate, and exchange gifts. Just take the time to appreciate the Greatest Gift that was given to us and for us. There wouldn't be CHRIST-mas without Christ.