A common thing I hear whenever I tell someone I'm on a diet is, you're skinny already, why do you want to lose weight?! Well. I've always wanted to be the skinniest person alive and perhaps break a Guinness record. Not really. I do want to say that sometimes, though.


This year, my kitchen has gone from being an avoided acquaintance to therapist and valued friend. It hasn't always been this way, though. I would tell people I only cooked the basics, because honestly, ain't nobody got the time to cook. You'd barely see me messing in it.

Step Outside

Maybe it was watching the news too much. Maybe it was my worrier nature, or the high crime rate in this city, or maybe it was my husband's cautious words that flooded my psyche and drowned me in a sea of fearfulness and anxiousness.

3 things to consider during the holiday festivities

With the holiday season quickly approaching, we tend to indulge on a lot of stuff. Good stuff, but not really. From hot chocolate, to Starbucks holiday drinks, gingerbread cookies…. Oh my, let me stop there! All these treats and sweets can be so delicious and irresistible, that sometimes we might not know what they’re doing to us on the inside.

Three healthy habits to “fall” into

As a new season begins (Fall is my favorite!), the tendency might be to be lured away by pumpkin everything and all the yummy dishes that accompany this wonderful and romantic time of the year. I've been wanting to try a Pumpkin Spice Latte myself! And if you're wondering if I've ever had one, then I'll have to disappoint you (insert sad face here).