It is better to learn from the past than to stay there; this period in time should help us to look at the now as well as the future.


Now passion is a word that's been thrown around quite a bit and not given very much thought. I don't believe we are born with one passion and that we should follow it relentlessly to the end of our days. I see that our interests are ever changing, as well as habits and skill set. 


There is never one season like the other. The Bible says there is a time for everything, which means some seasons will be exciting to experience, while others, not so much. 

Sound pollution

As my grandmother used to say, "sound pollution" has become a constant in our lives. It's almost unescapable.

The ordinary life

Does mundane indicate meaningless? Absolutely not. We can live life as deliberately as we wish, if only the focus is life. This is not settling for less, as we actually gain more life. Extraordinary or not, if devoid of purpose, life is not life, it is merely a time-killing existence.

It’s all in the small steps

I was encouraged this week and wanted in turn to encourage you on your journey of bettering yourself. I believe a lot of stuff can be done once we stop underestimating the value that smallness can have in our lives.

Thoughts about a waste called life

But is that all there is to life? A series of ups and downs, an endless roller coaster ride we want to see end because the motion is making us sick and dizzy?