Book Recommendation: Goodbye, Things

This book is so practical and such an easy read... I totally recommend it, regardless if you're not ready for the new Japanese minimalism in any way. 

January Links & Things

Here are some links you may find value in for January. Enjoy!

10 on the 10th : December

The 10 on the 10th is a monthly post with links & things that I find fun, educational, or beneficial throughout the month and share them with y'all!

The Most Important Tasks

Your Most Important Tasks will flow from whatever matters most to you. What you focus on may or may not necessarily be something essential or that will add value to your life, so you will need to decide what to keep and what to minimize, what to spend time on and what to ignore.

10 on the 10th : November

Sometimes I find tips & tricks, recommendations & conversations, or just some plain good tunes I bumped into that someone might find interesting or find value in.

This archaic task reminder actually works!

I’m a very visual person and the saying “out of sight, out of mind” holds very true in my life, so if I don’t write something down, the chances of me remembering it will be 5 to 1, assuming the best case scenario.

Best way to ride out a Hurricane

That's right. The best way I found to calm my nerves and keep me focused on something else other than the fact that something might fly inside our sliding glass door is by creating playlists, finding new artists and enjoying some new tunes...