About Mary


Photo by Silver Shores Photography

Hello there! Although my name is Mariana, I usually go by Mary. I’m glad you’re here! This is my personal space where I document my journey towards a simple, slower living; this is where I express my thoughts, share pieces of the journey, what I’ve learned so far and the things I struggle with along the way and hopefully add value to someone else’s life. 

My husband, Al, and I live in Jacksonville, Florida. We’ve been seriously trying to adopt a more simple and slow life since 2015-ish, even though we had taken some baby steps a bit earlier than that. This lifestyle has appealed to me mostly as a way to handle stress and anxiety, but also to create space to pursue a more intentional and meaningful life.

We never owned a garage full of stuff, although we did have about 5 bookshelves full of books; I couldn’t fit any more of those things in the house, nor did I want to! Our love for books kept us from letting them go for a few years until it finally clicked that we were just not going to read them all. We have a handful of reference books, but our libraries are basically down to our Kindle apps on our phones; mobile and light, just the way we like it!

I actually began my paring down process in my closet, and after a while, little by little, it spread to the rest of the house. Thank goodness we didn’t accumulate a lot to begin with!

We had a desire to live with less so we could have more freedom overall; stuff just starts to weigh us down after a while, if you know what I mean! After we got rid of our condo in 2015, we seem to be moving every year (gotta find a place you like, you know?), so we like to travel light and live light, especially in Hurricane-Land-Florida. We’ve still managed to live closer to my job, family, and the beach, so we’re thankful for that (My dream is to walk to work one day, ha!)! We’re currently scheduled to move out of our 13-month lease studio apartment at the end of October of 2017, so let’s hope we can settle into our new apartment for longer than a year. 😉

We have since lived at a much slower pace nowadays. When we’re not working, you’ll find us at a local gym lifting weights 4 to 5 days a week, at the library reading or working on our laptops, enjoying a nice meal at home or at one of our favorite restaurants, road tripping along the coast, or watching movies and/or YouTube (Ted talks are my favorite).

I currently work full-time as a bookkeeper and did photography for a little while, too. If you must know, I’m an INFJ. I’d love to do yoga if my joints cooperated, but I do what I can, even if 10 minutes at a time! I consider myself a lifelong learner so I’m constantly reading or listening to podcasts. I like to listen to many playlists I have created on Spotify, and when the weather allows, Al and I will spend lots of time out by the pool or at the beach just enjoying the outdoors and soaking in the sunshine. My coffee is black, decaf and I love trying out different teas; I’m currently enjoying ginger and chamomile. 

So glad you stopped by! I hope you stay and connect! I’d love to help you simplify and enjoy a more intentional life in any way I can!