Resurrection Day

We live in a society where science is not the enemy of faith; more like Target, Facebook and The Walking Dead.

Chasing the Wind

Every beginning of the year I read this book of the Bible called Ecclesiastes. It's a simple reminder of where my focus should be. In hindsight, it wasn't difficult to resist minimalism and its benefits, simply because this theme actually is found throughout the Word of God.


I have learned so much while on this journey of slow living and simplicity, and one thing is definitely worth noting: it takes more effort to dispose than to acquire. 

Opposite Direction

The journey of living a slow life has been quite the journey. It has almost felt like doing a U-turn and driving past all these cars going the opposite direction of me. They're all going the same direction as the other, but it's leading them towards a very different destination. 


There is never one season like the other. The Bible says there is a time for everything, which means some seasons will be exciting to experience, while others, not so much. 

What is important? Creating a life compass

We usually have a pretty fair idea of where we'd like to be or do, short-term and even long-term, but life is happening so fast, and we are so used to being in a hurry, that all too often we don't take the time to stop and determine what path we should move towards in order to have a more pleasant trip.

A New Year without Goals

If there is no resolve within to even achieve said goals, then the famous New Year Resolution won’t do anyone any good. I may have an idea of things I’d like to accomplish this coming year, but without goals, there is no more pressure, no more anxiety, and no more disappointments if nothing gets done.