The Struggle is Real

A more simplistic lifestyle does come with its challenges. To be part of a culture where the pursuit of the American dream is idolized and materialism, the norm, I can't think of a more brave movement to join than minimalism and slow living.


There is never one season like the other. The Bible says there is a time for everything, which means some seasons will be exciting to experience, while others, not so much. 

House tour & lessons learned

From the time I was single and still living with my parents, my twin sister and I entertained the idea of living in a studio apartment. Even though that never took place, years later, and now married, I finally had the opportunity to reside, for just over a year, in a studio apartment with my husband.

A New Direction for Another Wonderland

When I started Another Wonderland, I had this excitement about sharing those things I had learned and applied to my life about minimalism. This is still true, in part, but I feel like it's not all there is to this journey of mine and my husband's. 

5 reasons why watching TV may be wasting your time

You see, watching TV has a way to make our attention captive to the point we forget to do things like, live! It holds our concentration and it distorts reality to say the least. It may result in unnecessary stress, but really a lot of waste of time.